Breakfast 7:30am – 3:30pm

coffee – coffee supreme origin blend

ristretto 3.3 latte / magic latte   3.8

espresso 3.3 flat white   3.8

piccolo 3.8 long black   3.8

cappuccino 3.8 babycino     1

almond milk       + .30 soy milk      + .30

large +1 coconut milk       + .30


prana chai       5

earl grey, english breakfast, peppermint, chamomile,   3.8

china senche green tea, lemongrass & ginger


turmeric latte / with coconut milk   5.5

dandelion / barley coffee latte   3.8

hot chocolate – koko deluxe    3.8

moka   3.8

ciobar / ciobar with panna                   5/5.5

iced coffee / chocolate – with ice or ice-cream       3.8/7.5

coffee or chocolate granita / with panna         6/6.5

soft drinks / juice

limonata, chinotto, arancia rossa, acqua tonica   4.8

lemonade, soda water, tonic water, ginger ale   4.5

orange / cranberry / tomato / apple / pineapple     4.5

bundaburg ginger beer     4.5

molecola – classic / zero / kids ( no caffeine )   4.5

Healthy Humans – squeezed & pressed juices       6

all natural ingredients, no added sugar, delivered fresh

squeezed oranges – freshly squeezed aussie oranges                      

pressed apples – clean, crisp, cloudy aussie juicy apples

gorgeous greens – pear juice, cucumber puree, banana puree, zucchini puree

living lemon – lemons, fermented lemongrass, monk fruit concentrate, living bacteria


dolci see our display for our sweet & savoury seasonal sensations

toast – sourdough, fruit loaf, GF buckwheat chia bread     3/ea

    multi grain or olive bread, served with butter

      marmalade, jam, honey, peanut butter, vegemite    .5/ea

fruit salad       13/14

mixed berries, banana, julienne green apple,kiwi, passion fruit,

pistacchio, dressed with honey & baby flower celery

add: yoghurt, buckwheat, sunflower kernels, linseed, sesame

seeds, pumpkin seeds & chia seed

bircher müesli     14.5

oats & raisins soaked in almond milk & apple juice, served on a

bed of natural yoghurt, topped with mixed berries, banana,

julienne green apple,kiwi, passion fruit, pistacchio, dressed with

honey & baby flower celery

toasted sandwich  

ham & fontina       13

roma tomato & fontina      v 10

avocado & feta

yarra valley cow herb feta & smashed avocado on sourdough

topped with pistacchio pesto, lemon zest & mint     v 14.5

add poached egg     3.5


make your own breakfast     12

choose between two poached, scrambled, fried or soft boiled

eggs & add your favourite sides    served on sourdough, olive

bread, GF buckwheat chia bread or multigrain


sauté spinach / grilled tomato / sauté button mushrooms     3.5

prosciutto di parma / baked sausage    4

smoked ocean trout / smoked pancetta / smashed avocado   5

extra poached egg / soft boiled egg   3.5

tricolore     17.5

one soft boiled egg served, fresh & dry mini roma tomatoes,

green bean salad, smashed avocado, dressed with fresh ricotta

& herbs on sourdough bread

terra    22

two poached eggs rolled in fresh prosciutto di parma with sausage

filled cup mushrooms, chickpea vellutata, pan fried potatoes

pancetta, caramelised onion, sourdough bread and a truffle aroma

mare      19.5

two poached eggs, smoked ocean trout, grilled spring vegetables, goats cheese & barley salad, sprinkle of baby dill & homemade

lemon oil, served with smashed avocado

frittata – see specials board